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Kurty is the most beautiful person ever!

Singing Britney while I shower, I hope Kurty doesn’t kill me… he should join me, though


I want my blaine



That’s your sad pout, btw. And I can’t resist it either! I need to kiss you!


I love you too.


AAAh! Don’t give me your sweet pout because now I want to kiss it away and you know what happens when I kiss you and you need to rest!


Not too many cookies though! I don’t wanna get fat. I don’t want you to ever stop wanting me, and if I’m fat… shrug.

Aww baby, you are the most beautiful person in my life, you won’t get fat, but if you do I will hug you and squish you and love you even more. Well, I don’t think that the love part is even possible because I love you so much…


I’m not squishy! I’m all bones right now… :’(

Kurty, you are still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever hugged! And you will be squishy in no time, I will feed you a lot of food and juice and cookies and tea and love!


I love his hugs.

And I love hugging you, you’re squishy and you giggle when I do it! :)